Masturbation is the sexiest way for women to please themselves and feel good but must be done right to have the right experience. When it comes to sex, everything is advertised to favor males. Dudes love their dicks. The porn industry is made and procured for males while sex shops are targeted at males. Even beer advertising is aimed at males. It is all about the dudes. However, women require equal attention when it comes to masturbation. For women, masturbation can be funny and quite enjoyable. So how can ladies masturbate and get it right?

masturbationLadies! Here’s how to masturbate — the right way

For those who have grown with the mind, those bodies are sex and dirty need to clear their mind and clear thoughts like your body is sinful and lustful. The voice in your head ladies is wrong; your bodies can give you all the pleasures you need. However, make sure you find yourself a private room where you will not be interrupted for some time. Make sure it is the time when you are least pressured or stressed. If you aren’t sure or have no idea how to masturbate the right way, be naked first. Love your body as you would want your partner or lover to love it. Touch your body and caress it. Touch almost all the parts including the soft parts of your belly, hips, breasts, labia, vagina and the clitoris.

orgasmIf this is your first time to masturbate and don’t even know how it feels to have an orgasm, take some time to get used to the idea. It is always the first step towards a long life of self-loving. The next step is finding the erogenous parts of your body. Don’t just go with what you read or did see on TV. People’s bodies are different, and it is time to discover yours. The clitoris is not always inside your vagina as most people might have you thinking. It might be retracted or slightly hidden. Take time and try to lift the hood.

Apply some light pressure on it starting either from the clockwise or the anti-clockwise direction. Go side to side and up and down while applying some lubricant. Well, never panic if you don’t reach orgasm; close to 75% of the women worldwide never reach the orgasm state in the first trial. You need to set your mind in the good state and start again. Remember that just like sex feel great in different positions, you can try masturbating in different positions. You can even lie on your stomach and grind your hand against the pillow. Remember to keep that little voice inside your head telling you you’re weird, more and more women just like you are probably doing the same thing.

Remember you are not masturbating to achieve anything big but just have some alone pleasurable moments. You can have some nice music playing in the background to set the mood right. Remember to put some effort in arousing some other part of the body that makes you feel great. Don’t just concentrate all your efforts on the vagina.

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