Stripping is a lucrative business, but nothing is that easy. Stripping might appear quite easy for the guys looking to have some good moments but there are the physiological effects of taking off the clothes. There is always the bad side behind the smile you see on the strippers. The only motivation that makes the women do whatever they do is the money they get. Well, they are paid well, but that does not mean everything is rosy for them when they are out of their job.

How is it like to work as a stripper?

strippingWorking as a stripper is like living a double life. When working as a stripper, they take a different stage name and personality. According to a study done at the University of Pennsylvania, stripers do not represent the most emotionally healthy group. The study conducted by the Director of Bisexual Trauma and Psychopathology showed that strippers endured a lot of physical and emotional costs. Almost 65% of strippers have endured sexual abuse in their life with over 55% experiencing multiple personality disorder. Close to 60% of the strippers end up suffering from depression.

When it comes to personal relationships, strippers are the less satisfied hen compared to other groups of people. Most strippers imagine their romantic relationships would fail due to the kind of job they are doing. Most people who work as strippers never leave a regular life where friends and families know what they are doing. Most disguise themselves with other daytime jobs to keeping their stripping job a secret. This further goes to show the pressure they have in keeping their identity safe.

stripperStripping itself is not easy, and one has to be physically fit to manage daily stripping activities like pole dancing. If you thought strippers are a gorgeous women, you might have to think again. They are more likely to scrutinize their looks and be affected by small changes in the body appearance than any other group of people. Most strippers who think they are overweight are ashamed of letting people know what they weight than regular people.

The self-esteem of strippers is one area where they seem to do well with other groups of people in the society. They are not easily affected and remain confident even after their stripping jobs. This can be attributed to their conversation with different kinds of men. Most strippers prize their physical appearance over their other qualities. However, when it comes to integrating with the general society, strippers seem to be the most affected group. The notion people have on strippers makes them keep their identity secret.

Stripping is a draining job, and most of the strippers might end up without any meaningful savings due to the exotic life they are used to. They are easily exposed to hard drugs and alcohol with most of them drinking because of their job. Most of the strippers drink because of the environment that they work and the job that they do. Taking off your clothes and showing off the most precious parts of your body to the whole world is not an easy job and requires some guts.

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