I’m sitting here at work, thinking to myself, my thoughts racing so fast within my head. I am still in shock of what happened last night. It all started when my best friend Megan had called me and invited me over apartment a few blocks away from my house to meet her sister who had just flew in from Texas earlier that day. I agreed that I would come over and visit for a short while since I was tired from a long draining day at work.

When I arrived at Megan’s house, I quickly noticed that it was not just her and her sister. There where a few new faces that I had been politely introduced too. Megan formally introduced me to her sister April as short pretty blonde woman with very long curly hair. She was definitely from Texas because she had huge curls in her long shiny hair and was wearing a sheer; almost see through blue dress with tiny purple and blue flowers print. April was sporting the typical Texan look with hcowboy boots and a thin belt. She did not look like her sister who was always in sweat pants or overly broken in jeans and flat straight hair. Megan has never really said anything nice about her sister since I had known her and I knew now that it was because her sister had exquisite features and a perfect body. Megan also had introduced me to Jake, April’s husband of 3 years. He was a very attractive late 20’s man who was dressed in designer jeans and a very nice dress shirt. One thing I noticed about Jake was that he smelled very good, he must have poured too much cologne on because I was instantly drawn to his crystal blue eyes and rugged looking face. I was instantly attracted to this couple. They looked as if they belonged on the cover of a magazine and they seamed to have great personalities to boot.

online_112111050254I was introduced to April’s best friend Sandy who tagged along for the trip. She was a cute pudgy girl who had the most intriguing chocolate-brown eyes that you could just get lost in. She was my height of 5’5″ and had very long thick brown hair that I had always wanted. She seamed like a sweet country girl like April in her dress and cowboy boots. These girls were so pretty in their own way, made me want to contemplate moving to Texas for a change of scenery.

After the introduction and getting the conversation flowing, Megan’s boyfriend came home and instantly wanted to get this get-together off to a great start by inviting everybody out for dinner and drinks at a local Mexican restaurant. I, of course, was in because this place makes the best pomegranate margaritas in town. We all crammed into 2 cars and off we went. Dinner lasted for about an hour and everyone was laughing and having a good time. When it was time to leave, we all did not want to part ways just yet so we went to a microbrewery place located inside of the hotel that April, Jake and Sandy had reserved 2 rooms for this trip. At this microbrewery, there was quite a few people dancing to live music and drinking having a fantastic time. We occupied 2 pub tables that where next to each other and graduated to tequila shots with corona chasers. Let me say that it didn’t take long to feel a good buzz!

As the night went on, I noticed that April was staring and smiling at me. I invited her onto the dance floor so I can watch her shake her assets for me. She noticed that I was probably eye ogling her and gave me a sexy smile and whispered in my ear “Jake’s birthday is this weekend” I replied “oh Yes” She asked ” I was wondering if you wanted to my big birthday present for him” I knew exactly what she meant and felt the blood rushing up to my face but asked “what do you mean”? She said that they talk about inviting a woman to their bedroom all the time and this would be the perfect birthday gift. “I want to give him something to remember for the rest of his life and make our sex life more exciting” The thoughts flew through my head, did I hear this right did she want me to bang her super sexy husband and I get to do naughty things to this sexy woman….let me think about this I’M IN!!! April walked me to the ladies restroom after the song was over where we exchanged phone numbers. The plan was that on Friday night, she would text me and let me know when to be at their hotel room.

sex-storyA few days later, Friday night was finally upon me. I was slightly nervous but excited at the same time. I was nervous that this couple was 10+ years younger than me and they where so good-looking. I waited at the bar by the hotel lobby for April. She arrived and I almost fell out of my chair she was stunning. She was in a beautiful evening gown, definitely not in casual attire. She said that they just got done with a dinner and a show and that Jake is in the shower. We where to sneak me into the room and he was to come out and find me half-naked holding a giant bow. Very cute idea so I went with it.

We snuck into the room, we both got undressed as quickly as possible, sure enough April pulled out the biggest shiny red bow I had EVER seen. It was literally 3 feet wide. I was trying really hard not to laugh until we heard the shower turn off. I felt my nerves starting to shake when she slid into bed with me and starting kissing my neck and ear to relax me. She whispered “He is going to love you and you are so sexy” Just then, Jake walked into the room with nothing on wet with no towel and my eyes basically popped out of my head! He was built like a demigod! I was in “Jake” heaven. He instantly started blushing and asked what is going on here? April said that she wanted to make their threesome talk a reality for his birthday so here is your present wrapped in a bow. I thought that Jake may run for the door by the look of shock on his face but he did not. He went around to the side of the bed that his wife as on and kissed her passionately and said “this is why I will love you for the rest of your life” It was so endearing but also very sappy. Jake then repositioned himself so he was in-between both of us girls and he was kneeling down by our ankles. He started touching our outer legs at the same time. He was rubbing up and down but purposely getting higher and higher. When he got to the top of my outer thigh, I was so turned on; I felt I may die from excitement. I leaned over to April and we started kissing. I was surprised that she was really good at “making out” She was touching me and I started touching her. Jake says “oh my god, you girls are so hot now” I stopped kissing April and tossed the enormous bow off the bed and threw myself toward his holy hotness. I pushed him onto his back and looked at April and said “Come’ on girl, lets drive him nuts” We both got on top of him and starting kissing him and petting him. We where taking turns licking and sucking on him. At some point we weren’t taking turns anymore. I decided that I was going to hop on his face while I let his delicious wife take the rains down there on his massive hard on. All I have to say, is this man knows his way around the female body. He was touching me, licking me and fingering me so good, I gushed on his face instantly drowning him in my juice. April was more excited about it then I had felt and pushed me off of him and she just got right down to rubbing me and licking me. Telling me that she wanted to make me cum all over on her face. I did not realize that she was so naughty in the bedroom.

woman-in-bedAfter a few minutes I told her to not stop but turn around so I could pleasure her as well. I then asked Jake to kiss me. I asked him if it turned him on to taste his wife on me. He told me “YES” and that I was so smoking hot now. I said while I am licking her, come up here and let me watch you penetrate her. My god, it was real life porn right in my face! He went for a while then pulled out and put it in my mouth. Wow, so hot, then he would stick it back in her. Then after a while he went around to the other side and stuck him in me. He felt amazing, so thick so hard. After a while he slipped out and put it in his sexy wife’s mouth. She really enjoyed that.

After a couple of hours, the three of us had switched positions too many times to calculate during this passionate and sweaty sexual excursion. This couple blew my mind and I had 6 orgasms that basically disabled me. I could barely talk, could not walk and they where both pampering me. Afterwards, I unknowingly fell asleep. When I woke the following morning, I had thought it was a dream because I had never experience sex so fantastic so intimate, but just then April came out of the bathroom in a hotel bathrobe and sat next me and kissed me good morning. I had a huge smile on my face when I realized that it was real very real! She told me that they ordered me room service and invited me to spend the rest of their vacation with them. Not only did I have the most intense and amazing threesome with the hottest couple but I got to experience that with them for the next two days. Let me tell you, it was the best weekend of my life and I didn’t come up for air once…

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