What is intimacy and why is it so important? This is a unique subject that probably should be left to philosophers, but we all experience it in life. Intimacy to me is the unspoken words that keep people close. It is the unseen bond that connects our humanness. It is a bond that distinguishes the relationship that different people share in their life. In any relationship, the degree of functionality of that relationship and how much time you spend together goes a long way in determining how healthy that relationship stays. However, intimacy is the qualitative measure of any relationship. It is not how well you get with your partner but how well you connect. You can have a great functional relationship that meets most of your needs in life, but there is always much more when intimacy is involved.

intimacyIntimacy makes you emotionally close to your partner. It is all about letting your guard and making your partner know how you feel. Intimacy is very important in any relationship. Intimacy allows partners to share their inner world which is one of the most rewarding things about any relationship. People who are intimate don’t have to speak for one to understand the other. It is all about putting the experience and feeling together and knowing what your partner wants.

Relationships, where there is intimacy, tends to last longer, and couples tend to enjoy the love shared a lot more. These are the relationship where couples are not staying just for convenience but because they feel safe and understand each other well. Intimacy in any relationship is crucial when it comes to lovemaking. We all agree sex is a very crucial topic when it comes to relationship and getting it right can make everything flow well in any relationship. The main reason why most women cheat in a relationship is that they feel they lack a connection with their husbands or boyfriends. While this might not be true for men, intimacy is very crucial in keeping a relationship functional.

sexWhen it comes to sex, physical intimacy is important. It is a way of showing love to your partner. If your partner can let it go and give absolutely everything when it comes to sex, you can feel it and feel the love. The sex becomes great, and you fall in love more keeping the relationship great. You can speak and share everything without fear. When things go wrong, you known without asking or being told and this attract both of you. Intimacy becomes like a bridge that connects the two of you when things are not working out well.

Intimacy can settle any tensions and differences between partners. Intimacy is like a calming frame of mind that cools things down between couples. When you are intimate with your partner, you tend to forget all the problems that surround your relationship. It helps bring a sense of security in a relationship. We all know the feeling couples have when they feel secure in the company of their partners. Intimacy tends to create trust in any relationship.

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