It is universally true that is easier to develop a bad habit than it is to form a good one. Habits are more complex that they look on the surface. They are wired into our psychology and to undo them; we must approach them from the root. Habits are like chains rooted in our minds. The first thing to do for one to break a bad habit is to address it from the mental foundation and admit that the habit needs to be terminated. Here three tips on how break the habit of watching porn.

7dcf3b3d962f6db3600a6dde3303609dPractice mindfulness

Just like other habits, if you are stuck at watching porn, admit it to yourself that you want to change. Tune your mind to the desire that you want to quit the habit and be free. This is going to inform your thought process and you will begin to slowly release the urge to watch porn from your mind. It is like uprooting a plant. Once the roots are not in place, it dies off slowly. The same will happen with your thinking and once you have got rid of the thoughts to watch porn, the desire and urge to watch porn will slowly wear off.

14Practice journaling

Journaling is an effective approach in breaking old and bad habits by keeping track of your thoughts, desires and daily routine. Start a journal today and use it to record, every instance you are moved by the urge to watch porn. Write down what your thoughts and feelings are at that time. This will address the problem from its root and help you understand why you are stuck watching porn.
Find some fun activity that you enjoy to replace the addiction you have to porn. Invest this time on your new hobby or a positively charging activity to keep of yourself busy and the mind involved so that you do not fall back to watching porn again.

9d2e18055801d6ffaa6597483f2c68f9Set a reward goal

To truly recover and overcome the addiction of watching porn, you need to be truly committed to it. There has to be a personal drive and a set consequence of what will ensue once you have successfully broken the habit. You should have a reward goal for yourself for every day you go without watching porn. This will act as motivation and condition the brain to appeal to it by staying off the habit of watching. It will also keep you on track in your recovery process from porn addiction.

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